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European Film Market

14 - 20 February, 2018

Berlin, Germany



Golden Globe Winner and Academy Award Nominee Sam Rockwell's new film to premiere in Berlin

So far this year Sam Rockwell has won a Golden Globe, been nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA, presented SNL for the first time and said “F*ck” during it’s broadcast and this was all in January. Now in February Sam Rockwell's next film, the action packed romantic heist comedy BLUE IGUANA by Hadi Hajaig, will make its market premiere at the European Film Market in Berlin. Click here for screening times (requires EFM login details): BLUE IGUANA @ EFM 2018

Gordon's Alive! - Flash Gordon doc LIFE AFTER FLASH heads to Berlin

Lisa Down's Flash Gordon documentary starring the saviour of the universe himself, Sam J Jones, will make its market premiere at EFM 2018 in Berlin. All weapons, open fire! Read more on Deadline Hollywood

Tarantino screens LOWLIFE...!

The American Film Institute has put on a special screening of LOWLIFE for Quentin Tarantino.   Ryan Prows' LA-set pulp thriller, which just won Best Feature at the Cinepocalypse Film Festival in Chicago, is "a captivating feature debut" (Hollywood Reporter), an "adrenalin rush" (RogerEbert.com), "like a bullet from the chamber of a gun" (AV Club).   "It evokes PULP FICTION without treading on its toes" (Nerdist) -  Tarantino reached out to the filmmakers to have his own screening.