amp helps get films made.
From financing and packaging
to marketing and selling.


Every film should be branded and correctly positioned in the international marketplace. This can only be achieved by engaging with audiences and distributors as early as possible. From global co-ordination of marketing assets to the management of digital and social media platforms, AMP looks to add value at each stage of the campaign.


AMP are a creative and experienced team of people who can help package your film. We can ensure that the key elements of the project - script, cast, director and budget - are aligned to maximise its commercial prospects.


AMP can work with you at an early stage to pull together finance from diverse sources, including our own equity and gap funds, tax breaks, US equity funds, funding from public bodies or a sales advance from us directly.  We can help you put your film’s financing together in the most cost effective and efficient manner.


With over 20 years’ sales experience on films ranging from What Women Want, Apocalypto to Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead our team has the know-how to get the deals done.

Meet The Team


James Norrie

Sales & Acquisitions

Nina Kolokouri

Sales & Business Operations


Bob Portal

Head of Production & Managing Director

Barbara Crampton

Vice President Production & Development (US)

Business Affairs

Andy Ordonez